Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fly Fishing Trip from BRTU 2008 Annual Banquet

Jeremy and Becky Anderson went to the Bitterroot Trout Unlimited Annual Banquet last September. They had a great time and won the bid on a fishing trip with Wapiti Waters. Today was the day and boy, did they catch fish!

Next years BRTU Banquet is Friday, September 25 - 2009 Annual BRTU Banquet, 5:30 pm, our 30th!!! Mark your calendar and plan to attend.

Stop by the blog again. We will be posting more information about the banquet and auction items soon.Becky Anderson w/Big Hole River Brown Trout

Jeremy sent these terrific photos with this note:


Thank you for a great time fishing on Saturday. Becky and I enjoyed it and learned a lot.
Thanks again,

Jeremy Anderson

Thank you, Jeremy and Becky. Jack really enjoyed his day with both of you.

See the slideshow below for all four photos from the Big Hole River fly fishing day.

Click here to view all in a new window.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

4th Annual Bitterroot Floating Weed Pull - July 11, 9am-3pm

weed image09 Weed Pull Poster
This event allows us to educate the public of the threats of noxious weeds, while they assist us in the removal of blueweed (a new invader) from the Bitterroot River. In the years past, Blueweed has not been found beyond Stevensville and we are working hard to completely eradicate this rapidly spreading weed from our county and stop it from spreading into neighboring counties. Every spring when the river rises, the seeds that were dropped from flowering plants the previous years are brought downstream by the water. Our goal each summer is to remove all flowering plants, so that no new seeds will be dropped.

I am writing to inform you of the event because in the past you have donated either prizes to give away or your time in helping with the event. We would very much appreciated anything that you could donate towards the event this year. Last year 60 volunteers showed up and we had over $2000 worth of prizes to give away. We hope to meet or possibly exceed these numbers this year.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Melissa Maggio
Weed Education Coordinator
Ravalli County Weed District
(406) 777-5842